Dear Esteemed Parent/Guardian,
Please take note of the following vital information:
A. COLLEGE VISITATION : Parents/Guardians who wish to visit the College for payments or any other reason are advised to adhere strictly to all COVID-19 prevention guidelines (i.e use of Face shield/Nose mask, temperature check and hand wash at the College entrance) as no Parent/guardian will be allowed into the College premises without due compliance.

B. TERMLY ONLINE BULLETIN The College Termly Online Bulletin can now be downloaded from the College website using the following procedure:
1. Log on to the College website at
2. On the Home page, click "downloads"
3. Under downloads, Click "Termly Bulletin".
N.B You can also download the First Term Newsletter and the 2nd term Academic Calendar using the above mentioned procedure.

C. SCHOOL PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL FORM The school performance appraisal form (a feedback mechanism) which we communicated in our last message can be accessed via this Link
We appreciate and look forward to your feedback/review.

D. FIRST TERM RESULT/ HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT Parents/Guardians can now access their ward's 2020/2021 First Term result and holiday assignment via the student's portal on the College website.
To access it;
i. Log on to the College website at
ii. Click "student portal" Input student's registration number
iii. Upon inputation of student's registration/admission number, students bio data will pop up.
iv. Click the "menu" at the top right corner of the page.
v. Click "report sheet" to download result or Click "holiday assignment" to download student's holiday assignment.

E. BROAD CONCEPT ASSET PROTECTION FORM In a bid to ensure that all the assets of the above named institute are well managed and protected by trainees of the institute, the management has designed an asset protection/validation form which parents/guardians of trainees must duly fill and sign.    All students are expected to submit same upon resumption for second term of 2020/2021 academic session.

The form can be accessed on the College website using the following procedure:
i. Log on to the College website at
ii. On the home page, click "student portal"
iii. Input student's registration/admission number (e.g TC/2000/0001)
iv. Student's bio data will pop up, above the bio data, click "Broad Concept Asset Protection Form"
NB: It is important that this form is duly signed and submitted upon resumption as no student will be allowed to commence training at the institute without submitting the duly filled and signed asset protection form.

Wishing all our esteemed Parents/Guardians a prosperous new year in advance.
Many Thanks,
Adeoye Eunice,
Public Relations Officer.
For: College Management.

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